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DeAlmas Women's Institute workshops provide guidance and tools for healing and transformation. Workshops are heart-centered and grounded in the Feminine to help you gain clarity, remove disempowering belief systems, connect with the Divine within, build bonds of sisterhood, and foster the confidence to live the joyful, purposeful life of your dreams. Joins us for one of our on-going workshops or let us design a workshops specifically for your campus, organization or group.



Our signature workshop is held at the beginning of each new year. Women gather to release the old year and to create new visions, desires, goals and intentions aligned with purpose and authenticity. Click here for additional information...



Women Writer's Workshop


Facilitated by award winning authors, our writer's retreat creates the sacred space within and without for our creative voice to be nurtured, supported and expressed. 



Women of Light


A holiday evening of women pausing for peace, love, and light for ourselves, families and the world. A candlelight ceremony rounds off the evening. Click here for additional information...



GUAPA (Re)Defined


The term Guapa has been used to describe and define both physical and character traits of women. It is most commonly understood as physical attractiveness or emotional toughness. DeAlmas Women’s Institute is reclaiming the term to embody the fullness of the feminine spirit. Guapa is redefined as the authentic power and creative essence of women.


Latinas Rock! Wellness Retreat


This full day retreat for adolescent girls facilitates healing and empowerment through the creative and performing arts. 



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