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...That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help that would never otherwise have occurred."...Goethe



"Talking with Gloria was a turning point for me. Her clear and insightful questions cut through|
the 'chatter' in my mind, and allowed me to see options I had overlooked on my own.  Amazing experience."
~ Charles Robert Davidson

"Gloria's intuitive style as a facilitator helped to me to distill some very important ideas buried just beneath the surface of my initial thoughts, and helped me to move beyond the immediate happenings of my day-to-day life into a concrete course of action for the immediate future. I am grateful for her reflective practice and unique ability to "mirror back" thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a way that both respects one's sensibilities and challenges them."
~Marinieves Alba

My session with Gloria helped me turn on my light!  Her deep listening and poignant questions provided an opportunity for me to recognize myself again.  I came away re-connecting with my strengths and tackled a project
with renewed self-awareness.
~ Bruce Spencer

Welcome to Glowing Soul Coaching!

It is my joy to introduce Glowing Soul Coaching, a new dimension of my "love work."  I am so excited & deeply grateful for this opportunity.

I strongly believe that support; both physical and spiritual are at the heart of success to manifest your dreams and deepest desires. We each are here to discover and live the greatest life we can possibly imagine for ourselves.

Through my intuitive, emotional intelligence and keen mind, I will guide you to connect with your creativity, natural gifts, and inner resources. I listen, ask questions, brainstorm and sometimes will advise and offer suggestions to help you achieve your highest potential ~ A magnificent life aligned with your values and meaning.

Glowing Soul Coaching is a collaborative process.  Through support, acknowledgement and encouragement, I partner with you to create your life vision, tap into your soul guidance, create goals, develop strategic plans and take inspired action that will lead to success.  I am committed to helping people transform their vision to victory and explore the infinite possibilities that are available to them.

My greatest joy for our partnership is to know when our journey together is complete, your soul will glow in delight.

I look forward to working with you.



Glowing Soul Coaching Benefits:


    -  Discover your dreams/desires


    -  Understand what you truly value


    -  Empower your life from the inside out


    -  Design your life that is filled with authentic power, passion and purpose


    -  Create new ways of thinking/feeling and behaving


    -  Embrace your greatest gifts   


    -  Take Inspired Action


    -  Live with Joy and Love

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