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The GUAPA Project™

The GUAPA Project™ is an intergenerational, multimedia arts project representing the feminine soul of the Latina experience. It highlights the achievements and life lessons of Latina leaders and innovators through photographic and video narratives, a theatrical performance, a coffee table book and accompanying personal development workshops. The GUAPA Project™ is a local tribute to women that connects the experiences of our divine Guapa Goddess with women everywhere. Phase 1 of The GUAPA Project™ will premiere in March 2015 for Women's History Month.

The GUAPA Project™ is an exploration and celebration of the Latina experience and identity. It is intended to inspire, educate and facilitate women’s and girls’ ability to transcend personal, cultural and societal myths about feminine power thereby strengthening leadership, esteem, and success. Guapa is a reflection of the unlimited potential, relevance, and brilliance of the Latina diaspora.

The term Guapa has been used to describe and define both physical and character traits of women. It is most commonly understood as physical attractiveness or emotional toughness. DeAlmas Women’s Institute is reclaiming the term to embody the fullness of the feminine spirit. Guapa is redefined as the authentic power and creative essence of women.

It is our hope that this project will be a resource for a continued movement of personal and community transformation, esteem, progress, and love that will inform, unify, and galvanize the Guapa in each of us.



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