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About Us

DeAlmas is Spanish for “of the soul.” Founded in 1998 by psychologist Gloria M. Roderiguez, DeAlmas Women’s Institute is dedicated to providing women and girls the opportunity to reclaim, honor, and express their divine feminine gifts, power and unique human potential. We offer workshops emphasizing spiritual and personal development within a holistic context, cultivating leadership and providing tools for self awareness and transformation. By reconnecting women and girls to their inherent feminine power, we impact broader communities and help create a more humane, just and compassionate world.


Divine Feminine



DeAlmas Women's Institute is a community of spiritual healing, growth, development and empowerment for women. Together we learn to listen to our deepest knowing, rediscover ancient practices that honor our spirit, and reconnect with the Divine Feminine power inherent in each woman.



from the inside out.


Expressing our authentic selves is the key to our wholeness and power, both individually, and for the world. We connect to the Divine Feminine inside and out  through various modalities and techniques including meditation, music, dance, chant, druming, breathwork, writing, drawing and painting, group sharing and most importantly by listening to each other and to our inner wisdom, as a means for empowerment, healing and self-love.



Your Greatest Self.


DeAlmas provides multiple platforms and tools to aid you in connecting with your inner and highest Self, embody your full  potential and fullfill your destiny, including:


  • Teleconference and In-person Courses

  • Mastery Groups

  • Teen Mentorships

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Community Collaborations

  • Educational Travel

  • Other Gatherings



"Still smiling as I think about the spiritual, nurturing and empowering  experience I had with 16 other beautiful women this Saturday. Gloria and Dahlma are two incredibly gifted facilitators who guided us through activities which not only motivated me to put pen to paper and let my soul speak out, but reminding me that writing heals you, all you have to do is take a step forward and the support will be there."


Love Letters

This was a beautiful workshop that left me wanting more activities with this circle of sisters. The space felt very safe. I had a breakthrough as I looked into the eyes of a stranger and cried. I remembered that really, we are all one. Her pain was my pain, her joy my joy. It was a moment of cleansing and healing my old story. The workshop was energizing and refreshing, reinforcing, strengthening and clarifying. I long to share this work with my mother, my sister, my nieces and all the women in my life.

"The workshop helped me pay attention.  We all have disparate thoughts and feelings, indicators of the spirit, that we tend to overlook in our busy lives.  This workshop gave me an opportunity to stop the frenetic pace of my daily activities and focus on my inner landscape.  In a room full of other women who were doing the same, we were a powerful force.  Since that day, women I didn't know at all have become part of a support system I didn't know I had."

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