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Nessa V. -  The experience, as always, was nurturing, liberating, empowering & love-filled. I feel renewed & re-centered. I feel more confident & clear about myself, what I know, & what I don't know. It was wonderful to give & receive w/ self & others in a safe & supportive space. It was enlightning to bear witness to the stories & insights of others. It was releiving to share my own stories & receive acknowledgement, relation & support. I feel like such a woman when I am at this event! Thank you for this & everything like it. I highly recommend Visiones, Guapa, & other DeAlmas events to everyone. They are life altering.


Alexandra B. -  I went to the event praying that I would receive clarity, and that is exactly what I experienced. Clarity about my fears and clarity about my dreams. I left yesterday feeling capable of achieving a vision I've pushed aside time and time again. I also met so many women who are doing the same kind of heart-centered work that I am striving for. What a blessing! Today I woke up feeling brave and capable, thank you Iya Gloria.


 Egli C. - Thanks visioneras for blessing me and the creative work of transformation I do through holistic education (body, mind & soul) with your presence and kind spirits. I love that we all came together from different traditions, faiths and beliefs for the greater good of all, grounded in love, social justice and peace, operating from a place of abundance and maturity. Caramba, no hay palabras para describir este sentimiento de hermandad y armonia que siento al colaborar con ustedes. It's a cat-free zone! No competition.



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