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25 Years of Making



DeAlmas is 25 years old!


WOW ~ a quarter century!


I remember our first meeting with the 5 founding members in 1998 when we named our ourselves, DeAlmas Latinas - one of the first community based groups of it’s kind in NYC. We later changed our name to DeAlmas Women’s Institute– providing intergenerational women of color with programs, educational events, cultural travel and femtoring for their personal and spiritual development and empowered leadership. 

Throughout the pandemic, we continued to offer virtual community workshops and spaces for connection, care and support for our mental and emotional health and wellness - making possible the opportunity for women from all over the country and the Caribbean to participate. Our weekly meditation group, De ‘Corazon Connection continues to this day as a safe space for grounding for women all over the world. And our support group, Sisters of Flow and Fire will begin again in early 2023 with our first book club! 

We are excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary year with you - expanding our offerings with innovative events thematically focused for this NOW MOMENT! 

A big hug of gratitude to all the women and girls that have participated
in the courageous heart work of self-discovery and the embrace of their Divine Feminine Power from the Inside/Out. 

We Are because You. Are. A. Gift. 

I look forward to being together with You!
Cheers 2023! 

Love and Abundant Blessings,
Founding Director
DeAlmas Women’s Institute International


Celebrating 25 Years
Events Highlights

Visions 2023

January 2023

Hearts of Fire, Ignite Your Passion - Expand Your Vision

An Intergenerational Retreat for Women of Color

D'Corazon Connections

2020 and onward!

A virtual community for women to meditate, share space, ground and manifest. D'Corazon Meditations are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 am - 8:30 am.

Natural Woman Retreat

May 2023

Our 2nd annual nature retreat centered on creating deep rest and rejuvenation for women of all ages. Participants poured into their spirits with love, restoration, resource, play, and connection while enjoying 55 acres of the Trinity Forest in Connecticut. 

Goddess Fest

August 2023

One of DeAlmas's newest traditions, this is a day retreat celebrating Women, Water, and Wellness. Held at Orchard Beach in The Bronx, participants embodied their Divine Feminine energy by creating a Goddess Mandala, grooving to Egyptian Belly Dance, and participating in rituals of renewal and release with water.

Goddess Fest was done in collaboration with Sweet Water Dance & Yoga.

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