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DeAlmas is 20 years old!  We're celebrating with a year of special workshops, retreats, collaborations, travel and fiestas.  We are proud of the legacy built over the past two decades. And are excited about the next chapter of DeAlmas.  Most importantly, we are grateful to all of the women and girls who have allowed us to take part in their brave work of self-discovery, healing and the embrace of “feminine power from the inside/out.” We are because of YOU!


For 20 years we have been committed to creating safe, supportive and sacred spaces in sisterhood for personal and spiritual development and to providing mentorship, programming and educational events for women from all backgrounds. If you are new to DeAlmas, we invite you to join this fierce community of intergenerational women journeying together into growth, expansion, empowerment – living from our essence and authenticity. If you're an alumnus of DeAlmas, we welcome you back with a warm hug of appreciation and acknowledgment of your support and role in our successes.  We have so much in store for 2018.  Bring your visionary, your catalyst, your creative, your alchemist, your guru, your bruja out to play for another soul-filled year of magic-making and manifestation with the DeAlmas Women's Institute.

 Visiones 2018 Retreat: Submerge to Emerge Victorious!

A Dealmas 20th Anniversary Celebration Event


Propel the New You into the New Year through a deeply nourishing encounter with the Liberating Power of Love.


VISIONES 2018 is DeAlmas’ annual, full-day experiential retreat. Visiones will Ignite women to live more vibrantly than ever before by connecting with our divine power to radically change our lives and our world. We will Submerge to Emerge. Using rituals of meditation, journaling, reflective exercises, sister-sharing, heart centering, movement, and music, we will Submerge into a healing space of release, forgiveness, and liberation from all that doesn’t serve us. We’ll then Emerge into an Embrace of our New Dreams & Desires for 2018. Once Activated and Aligned with our Power and Passion, we’ll Manifest a Victorious and Glorious 2018!


Date: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Time: 10am - 7pm

Place: Casabe Houses Community Room, 150 East 121st Street, New York 10035


Admission (Love Exchange): 

- Early Bird: (by1/10/18): $87.00 Individual /$147.00 for 2

- Regular Registration: $97.00 Individual/$167 for 2 

*Guest Facilitators will join us for the day 

Click here to register for Visiones



Visiones Testimonials:

"The experience, as always, was nurturing, liberating, empowering & love-filled. I feel renewed & re-centered. I feel more confident & clear about myself, what I know, & what I don't know. It was wonderful to give & receive w/ self & others in a safe & supportive space. It was enlightening to bear witness to the stories & insights of others. It was relieving to share my own stories & receive acknowledgment, relation & support. I feel like such a woman when I am at this event! Thank you for this & everything like it. I highly recommend Visiones, Guapa, & other DeAlmas events to everyone. They are life altering." - Nessa V. 


"I went to the event praying that I would receive clarity, and that is exactly what I experienced. Clarity about my fears and clarity about my dreams. I left yesterday feeling capable of achieving a vision I've pushed aside time and time again. I also met so many women who are doing the same kind of heart-centered work that I am striving for. What a blessing! Today I woke up feeling brave and capable, thank you Iya Gloria." - Alexandra B.